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STREP A - Rapid Molecular Test. SAME-DAY RESULTS

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STREP A (Streptococcus Pyogenes) RAPID molecular in vitro diagnostic test that will be administered by our Medical team with results in 6-hours or less.

This product utilizes an isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology (NAAT) for the qualitative detection of Streptococcus Pyogenes "Group A".

* Group A Strep is the most significant pathogen causing pharyngitis. Accurate diagnosis of the etiological agent is necessary to properly treat the disease. In the case of Group A Strep, Antibiotic therapy is the treatment of choice in Canada. If left untreated, serious complications such as rheumatic fever may occur. Because STREP A requires treatment, Rapid Resort Test will only send a licensed health care professional(s), capable of offering medical advice and prescribing accurate and up-to-date treatment options, with the ability to prescribe medications. This additional service is INCLUDED in the price of this product.

Test Ordering/Testing Process:

  1. Schedule your mobile service visit by email: info@rapidresorttest.com or phone: 1(403)431-4262
  2. You will need to communicate the testing product you would like performed and your ideal time and location (hotel room#) of the Mobile service visit in order to make your appointment. We will email or call you with a confirmation.
  3. Our Medical professional team member will arrive at your hotel or home and you will be tested. Your sample will immediately be delivered to our local lab for diagnostic/screening.
  4. Your results will be emailed to you, in PDF format, within 6-hours of being tested or 1-2 hours for RUSH Results.

- NEED FASTER RESULTS? Select the RUSH Results service - ADD ON. We will have you tested with priority results in 1-2 hours after testing is complete.


* The Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) is a molecular test. It is an approved point of care (POC) screening test by Health Canada for diagnosing STREP Group-A with very high accuracy. 

** It is the responsibility of the patient/client to select the appropriate test(s) before our mobile service staff arrive at your location. We are not responsible for customers who purchase and are tested with the wrong product. Although we will do our best to make an immediate followup appointment, NO refunds will be given and additional service fees and product costs will be the responsibility of the client. 

*** Result documents for this Point of Care (POC) test will be sent digitally to the email provided during booking or testing service. If the screening test results are POSITIVE Our medical team will contact you to organize a prescription for treatment. Client(s) will need to provide (ID), Full Name & DOB at the testing service. We DO NOT keep or share any client information! All client info is deleted 72h after testing. Your privacy is extremely important to you and equally important to us. However, we are obligated by law to follow all current Alberta Health regulations, with regards to reporting positive results for certain tests and outcomes.